Western Red Cedar

Clear Western Red Cedar is a species varying in colour from light pink to dark chocolate brown, it can also contain knots and other defects. 

This is widely used in the quality garden building trade for its attractive appearance and distinctive aroma. This product also works well as an excellent exterior cladding for large construction projects. We carry an excellent selection of sizes in the clear grades along with No.1 Blue Label and No.2 Red Label Shingles. We are also members of the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association, please visit their web site for a wealth of information about cedar.We also stock a range of sizes and qualities suitable for producing shiplap and matchboards for contructional cladding and the garden building industry.

Available Grades & Specification

Grades: #2 Clear and better, #2 Clear and better allowing % #4 Clear, #4 Clear

Sizes 101.6mm 127mm 152.4mm 203.2mm 254mm 304.8mm
Scientific name
Thuja plicata
Trade Names
Cedar, Western Red Cedar
Other Names
British Columbia Cedar, British Columbia Red Cedar, Canoe Cedar, Pacific Red Cedar, Red Cedar, Shinglewood, Western cedar, Western Red Cedar
Where does it grow
Canada, USA
Common Uses
Beehives, Boat building, Boxes and crates, Canoes, Caskets, Casks, Cladding, Coffins, Decks, Decorative veneer, Exterior trim & cladding, Furniture, Heavy Joinery (external): ground contact, Joinery, construction, , Panelling, Porch columns, Posts, Shakes, Shingles, Shipbuilding, Siding
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Western Red Cedar
Western Red Cedar
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Source: NatureServe
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