Douglas Fir

This species can be used for high class joinery and staircase work. We hold a good stock of Douglas Fir.

Available Grades & Specification

Grades: #2 Clear and Better

Sizes Random 101.4mm 127mm 152.4mm 203.2mm 234.95mm 254mm 285.75mm
Scientific name
Pseudotsuga menziesii, Pseudotsuga taxifolia
Trade Names
Douglas Fir
Other Names
Columbian Pine, Oregon Pine
Where does it grow
Canada, USA
Common Uses
Beams, Boat building (general), Boat building: decking, Boat building: framing, Boat building: masts, Boxes and crates, Bridge construction, Building construction, Cabinetmaking, Casks, Cladding, Construction, Cooperages, Decorative veneer, Domestic flooring, Factory flooring, Figured veneer, Flooring, Furniture, Heavy construction, Interior construction, Interior trim, Joinery (external): ground contact, Joinery, Joists, Ladders, Light construction, Lock gates, Marine construction, Packing cases, Panelling, , Porch columns, Posts, Sporting Goods, Stairs, Structural work
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Douglas Fir
Douglas Fir
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Source: NatureServe
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