This briefing is for Palmer Timber’s UK customers to help them understand the requirements of the EU’s new timber regulations.

Requirements of the EUTR

The EU Timber Regulations will come into effect in March 2013. This law prohibits the placing of illegally harvested timber onto the EU market.

Legal requirements are defined within the regulation for those trading in timber and timber products within the EU. By ensuring procedures that comply with the regulation are followed, the risk of illegally harvested timber entering the EU market will be minimised.

The regulations apply to both imported and domestically produced timber and timber products on the EU market. A full list of products included can be found in the Annex to the regulation[1].

The regulations define two distinct types of participants in the timber market; operators and traders.

Operators – these are the organisations or individuals who first place timber on the EU market. The majority of the requirements in the regulations apply to them and include the operation of a rigorous and transparent due diligence system to show there is negligible risk of the timber being from an illegal source.

Traders – these are the other participants in the EU supply chain prior to sale to the consumer. Traders have an obligation under the EUTR to be able to identify who supplied their timber or timber products and who in the supply chain they sold it to. Traders need to keep these chain-of-custody records for at least five years.

Requirements of Palmer Timber’s customers

When your company buys timber products from Palmer Timber you are acting as a Trader. Palmer Timber will have the operator’s responsibility for these products so you are simply required to keep chain of custody information for at least 5 years (although there is no information obligation with regard to sales to end consumer).

Requirement of Palmer Timber

As we are both Operator and Trader we already have our due diligence system in place.It is operated on our behalf by:

Envirosense Consulting Ltd. 7A Homend Mews,Ledbury,Herefordshire,HR8 1BN.

Tele: 0844 879 3395

Web :

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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