Idigbo has a colour that varies from a yellowish brown to a lighter pinkish brown. This is a durable wood that works well for projects such as furniture but is mostly used for doors and windows.

Available Grades & Specification

Grades: FAS

Scientific name
Terminalia ivorensis
Trade Names
Other Names
Ada, Ada boumbra, Afara duclu, Afara dudu, Afara-dudu, Afia, African greenheart, African yellow wood, Amire, Ampira, Anidja, Awenshin, Bagyi, Bahi, Bai, Bai-ti, Baji, Bajii, Banidi, Basio, Bassi, Baye, Be-ie, Black afara, Black bark, Black-barked terminalia, Blie, Bona, Bossi, Boti, Boumbia, Bouna, Bouri, Bragba, Brimstone-wood, Buma, Buna, Cauri, Chasemiich, Dzogbedodo, Ebi, Efremeli, Eghoin-nebi, Eghoinmebbi, Egoyn odan, Egoyn-odan, Egoyne lukan, Egoyne nebi, Egoyne-lukan, Egoyne-nebi, Emen, Emeri, Emil, Emine, Emri, Epepe, Esemi, F'araeneri, Farayemile, Farayomile, Fataromile, Fela, Fira-wase, Frameri, Framine, Framire, Gbasi, Idigbo, Ijaws, Indigbo, Ka ronko, Kekange, Kil, Kokango, Kung, Lauri, Lidia, Mboti, N'dagobrohia, Nkombe, Nkondi, Okpoha, Onhidgo, Onidjo, Ouhidji, Oweive, Owewe, Ronko, Satin-wood, Shingle wood, Tewogboye, Tilautaea, Tuhidia, Tuhidya, Ubiri, Yellow pine, Yellow terminalia
Where does it grow
Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone
Common Uses
Bedroom suites, Boat building (general), Boxes and crates, Bridge construction, Building materials, Cabinetmaking, Canoes, Chemical derivatives, Core Stock, Decorative veneer, Domestic flooring, Drawer sides, Exterior trim & siding, Exterior uses, Factory flooring, Figured veneer, Flooring, Fuelwood, Furniture , Furniture, General carpentry, Interior construction, Interior trim, Joinery, Kitchen cabinets, Light construction, Living-room suites, Matches, Millwork, Mine timbers, Moldings, Musical instruments: percussion, Office furniture, Paneling, Parquet flooring, Particleboard, Plain veneer, Plywood, Posts, Pulp/Paper products, Radio - stereo - TV cabinets, Railroad ties, Shakes, Sheathing, Shingles, Shipbuilding, Siding, Sub-flooring, Trimming, Turnery, Vehicle parts, Veneer, Veneer: decorative.
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Conservation Status
Source: NatureServe
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