European Beech

European Beech wood is normally white, pale cream or pale brown and is steamed to relieve drying stresses while also bringing out a pinkish-red color. The wood is fairly hard and has a fine and even texture. Beech has exceptional steam bending properties, even when knots and irregular grain are present. It can be bent to very small radii, which makes it particularly useful in the furniture industry.

Available Grades & Specification

Grades: Superior, Superior Colour

Sizes Random
Scientific name
Fagus Sylvatica
Trade Names
European Beech
Other Names
Carpathian beech, Common beech, Danish beech, English beech, European beech, Fayard, French beech, Japanese beech, Rod bok, Romanian beech, Rumanian beech, Slavonian beech, Varlig bok, Yugoslavian beech
Where does it grow
Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia
Common Uses
Boat building: framing, Bobbins, Brush backs & handles, Cabinetmaking, Chairs, Cooperages, Core Stock, Decorative veneer, Desks, Domestic flooring, Flooring, Flooring: commercial heavy traffic,Flooring: industrial heavy traffic, Food containers, Furniture , Furniture, Handles: general, Handles: woodworking tools, Heavy construction, Joinery, Light construction, Marine construction, Mine timbers, Musical instruments , Musical instruments, Musical instruments: piano, Panelling, Piling, Plywood, Railroad ties, Shade rollers, Sporting Goods, Textile equipment, Tool handles, Toys, Turnery, Vehicle parts, Veneer, Workbenches
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European Beech
European Beech
Conservation Status
Source: NatureServe
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